Monday, April 18, 2011

Toyota iQ Mini Car

Toyota-iq_mini_carToyota will launch its iQ in the European market in January next year. Toyota iQ small car that is environmentally friendly, although no electricity, with CO2 emission starting ar 99g/km. Two models will be available, backed by a 1.0 liter VVT-i petrol engine and the other with the machine 1.4 liter D-4D. Both onform with Euro IV regulations.


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Toyota Prius Next Generation Hybrid Car

toyota-prius-2012-generationAccording to Auto Observer, Toyota is preparing the next generation for the year 2009 launch of the Prius. The new Prius will be powered by a 1.8 liter engine and will come with nickel metal hydride batteries to start. It is expected that the Prius will get bigger in size.

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2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid Car

2011-toyota-prius-hybrid-carToyota announces 2011 all new cars hybrid Prius. Backed by a four-cylinder engine 1.8-liter VVT-i offers 98 hp at 5200 rpm and 105 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm. Magnet 2011 Toyota Prius electric motor's synchronous, on the other hand, provides 80 hp and153 lb-ft of torque. It features fuel-efficient 50 mpg.

toyota-prius-advertisement2011 Toyota Prius offers three driving modes: EV-Drive Mode allows driving on battery power alone at low speeds for about a mile, if conditions permit. There is also a Power Mode, which increases sensitivity to throttle input for a sportier feel, and an Eco Mode, which helps the driver achieve their best mileage.


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Spyshot 2012 Toyota Yaris 3 Door

2012-toyota-yaris-3dr-frontToyota Yaris Hybrid Concept show at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, the successor of the Yaris is at hand. This is a sedan. Our spy photographers have now shown that Japanese companies are also involved with one of three doors.

2012-toyota-yaris-3dr-sideThe new Yaris is an important car for Toyota: New Toyota's generation of clean-up of new B-segment (among others) the Fiesta at the Polo or Corsa. The program currently on the market since 2005 (in 2009, after a face-lift) and therefore the end of his life.

2012-toyota-yaris-3dr-backIn any event clear that the Yaris hybrid concept car at Geneva a version of the debut vehicle tax-free. These Yaris hybrid, but until 2012. E ‘to see if the engine lineup for this period also allows the exemption of the BPM cycle inside the fish. Currently, exempt the income of this segment almost a tax on diesel vehicles.

We expect the opening of the new Yaris at IAA in Frankfurt (September). The production takes place in Valenciennes, France. From2012, hybrid gangs. Toyota is not obvious in Amsterdam this year, so that the Yaris Hybrid Concept, unfortunately, passed the Dutch public.


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Subaru show Legacy concept real face and body

subaru-legacy-concept-car-1Marking the 20th anniversary of the Subaru Legacy, then CONCEPT OF LEGACY has been developed to show the sporting legacy of the capabilities and features of Subaru symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system mated with Boxer engine-against horizontal. The design concept is based on wheelbase 108.3 in. larger designed to maximize interior space and provide comfortable accommodation.

subaru-legacy-concept-car-2The theme of concept design is “Presence”, represented by the aggressive front facia and solid yet expressive body. Four powerful and defined wheel arches emphasize the dynamism of Symmetrical AWD. Sharp design lines carve out a substantial mass as they flow from the hood, across the roof to the trunk, while the sharp body lines project a sense of strength. Wedge-shaped Side Rear Vision Cameras are featured and provide a sense of flow from the momentum of the A-pillar lines. A character line runs from just before the A-pillar and sweeps up to the tail just above the taillamps.

subaru-legacy-concept-car-3This grille design combines the central wing motif that defines the Subaru Legacy's brand identity. Subaru logo separates the lattice shape in the center accented by sharp headlights with vertical layout of the dual-row dual LED lights. In addition,, a thin fog lights arranged vertically in front of nets with large air intakes angles add a touch of jewel-like front design. The CONCEPT OF LEGACY finished in a special high-sheen "Ultimate Silver" paint to accentuate the angle of the designs.

subaru-legacy-concept-car-4The interior design has a striking four-seat layout featuring "High Definition " theme design. Comfort and style are achieved with a mixture of touch screen, camera and cover the modern surface. The mixture of high-tech look with comfort through four separate seating areas, a high roofline and generous legroom for all passengers. Center console features touch-panel screen that concentrates a large variety of functions for use simplified, while the form of flow extends vertically to emphasize a sense of strength and solidity in union with the outside. A steering wheel and shift lever has been adjusted to highlight the sporty nature of DNA elements in the Legacy's.

subaru-legacy-concept-car-5In-car entertainment is featured through monitors with multiple functions that are located in the center console, as well as in the rear of the front seat headrests to provide comfortable functionality as well a calm design that creates a relaxed ambiance for passengers. The monitor for the Side Rear Vision Camera has been situated toward the front of the roof to maximize rear visibility. The design is capped off with seats covered in pearl white leather that give off a blue sheen, while black metallic leather has been used for the door trim to create contrast with the instrument panel.

subaru-legacy-concept-car-6The Legacy was introduced globally in 1989, produced in Japan and Lafayette, Indiana. Since that date until November 2008, the total global production has exceeded 3.6 million vehicles making it Subaru’s car model. During that period, Subaru’s core technologies of a Horizontally-Opposed engine and Symmetrical 4WD have served to further the basic elements of automotive performance while continuously evolving for unparalleled handling, stability, and safety. This LEGACY CONCEPT incorporates the Legacy heritage while also serving as a concept model that provides an image of the new driving comfort and reliability that will continue to serve as a touchstone for Subaru.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

2012 Volkswagen Beetle

2012-Volkswagen-Beetle-turing-whiteSurprisingly, regardless of the model (non-US) crazy, RSI VR6 powered along by lifting the mid-cycle meeting, the hype surrounding the brand new Volkswagen Beetle would die down more than some previous years, and also the car is due to get a redesign. Right after all, it was still utilize PQ34 platform two generations old Golf IV, which will be on only in rising markets such as China.

2012-Volkswagen-Beetle-tail-whiteIn 12 many years, VW has constructed one.two million models with the New Beetle, using the U.S. becoming the single largest-and as a result most important-market. Not poor to get a compact automobile that began out as being a designer’s insane dream. Conceived in 1994 because the Idea one by J Mays and his group in VW's California style studio, it drew this kind of enthusiasm that Ferdinand PiĆ«ch made the decision to push to get a manufacturing model. In 1998, the brand new Beetle was released in the Detroit automobile display. Its boxy, yellow press package contained a flower vase, which was to turn out to be the trademark with the Beetle's inside. The automobile was as cheerful as VW's sellers, who lastly had a automobile delivered to their tons that they might promote for way more than sticker.

Volkswagen has made the decision to jump-start the trustworthy and do a 2nd version. Lovers with the cutesy compact can anticipate the completely new, redesigned New Beetle to become released subsequent spring and seem at sellers within the summer time of 2011 as being a 2012 model-the U.S. marketplace will probably be served initial. Beetle manufacturing will carry on to get location at VW's Puebla, Mexico, plant, alongside the 2011 Jetta.

2012-Volkswagen-Beetle-RedIn comparison with the outgoing design, the next-gen New Beetle sports activities considerably much more angular particulars, along with a supply that has observed the automobile describes it as "a sharper, more powerful, much more substantial automobile." The entrance finish attracts from your horizontal traces that characterize VW's present portfolio-without abandoning the trademark spherical headlights, needless to say. The aspect home windows are outlined, and also the rear finish appears much more effective than that with the present design. Nonetheless, the appear will probably be instantly recognizable.

Powertrains for this front-driver will arrive from VW's huge components bin, using the naturally aspirated, 115-hp, two.0-liter 4 most likely serving because the entry-level engine for that U.S. marketplace. Much more energy could arrive from your two.5-liter five-cylinder, but VW may also make the change towards the more compact but much more effective turbo- and supercharged one.4-liter TSI engine, which may make upwards of 170 hp, and also the turbocharged, 200- or 210-hp two.0-liter TSI from your GTI and GLI. This platform's prospects are nearly limitless: There might be an R model with some 270 hp, a return of a TDI design, all-wheel-drive versions, or perhaps a hybrid. Although the entry-level Beetle will most likely maintain its Aisin-designed automatic, the turbocharged designs will get VW's dual-clutch automated guide transmissions.

Even though engine options are nonetheless in flux, an extra physique fashion is really a certainty: a convertible will once more seem and is because of be released a yr or so right after the hatchback involves marketplace. Appear for that new New Beetle to debut in the New York automobile display subsequent April.

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2011 Volkswagen Microbus Bulli Concept

02-vw-microbus-consept-showVolkswagen will refresh the market with new car enthusiasts who have the concept of VW Bulli. Volkswagen has revived this concept with the introduction of 2011 VW microbus. After earlier in the year 2001 as well ever. Now, Volkswagen again offer both conceptual redux of the van that so-popular. Aside from the VW Beetle, VW Microbus may be one of the most populer vehicles ever to come out of the Volkswagen.

As previously VW Microbus concept, 2011 VW Microbus borrow styling cues from the original T1, although with less retro flare and edge over. Sharply creased character lines and boxy shape give VW Bulli contemporary and airy feel despite the somewhat compact vehicle dimensions. The concept vehicle at the 102-ins. wheelbase and 156 in. long. Standing 66 in. tall, 68.4 in. wide and has a generous 54-in. front and rear tracks.

03-vw-microbus-consept-sideExterior design and interior design of this VW Microbus Concept looks clean and neat, half-circle speedometer positioned New Articles Directly in Front of a single driver. A second binnacle half circle color multifunction xp home, The Seeing explain to equipment and a steering wheel mounted switches Canada as a nav system, Telephone, Computer Media and Travel Centre. The sound system provided by the legendary guitar maker Fender Created. Similarly, the passenger seat. Everything is designed for comfort. Rear seats can be stored to further increase cargo capacity.

Although inspired design Made of nostalgia, Absolute Bulli state-of-the-art-that. But the VW Microbus 2011 has a built-in Apple iPad central console, which also serves as a vehicle to explain xp touch multi-function. Husband system provides on-board navigation and hands-free, Bluetooth cell phone connectivity.

07-vw-microbus-back.jpgThe original VW Bus is actually called Transporter 1 or T1 when it was introduced way back in 1950, but became known by the Germans as Bulli. In America, we know it as the VW Microbus.

Unlike the previous modern effort, which uses front-drive architecture of conventional and traditional gasoline engine powered, 2011 VW Microbus is available three ways. It can be powered by a 1.0-petrol engine or 1.4-liter 4-cylinder, or built as an EV powered by 85 kW motors that produce lb.-ft. 199 impressive torque. VW say electricity VW Microbus hits 62 mph in 11.5 seconds. and has a top speed electronically regulated from 87 mph. Range up to 186 miles a single charge of its lithium-ion battery.


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Subaru Impreza

2010-subaru-impreza-wrx-front-turingSubaru Impreza is a car that is often used to rally race car because it was able to run in poor road conditions and on paved roads. In adverse weather conditions, this car could be to rely on. Impreza is the ideal size to explore around the city while still being comfortable on the highway with large trucks and SUVs. It’s solid, safe, and simple, with the added attraction of all-wheel-drive, so be ready for any road driving conditions.

subaru_impreza_2.5gt_4_door_2010_dashboardImpreza sedan version comes with a 4-Door and 5-Door hatchback version. Styling of the five-door is edgier, while the four-door sedan looks more traditional. hatch is a bit sporty, shorter overall length, with a shorter rear overhang. short overhangs suggest a better handling and shorter overall length is useful in tight parking limits. hatch is also far more practical with a large cargo capacity.

2010-Subaru-Impreza-WRX-Seat-InteriorImpreza has a road trip smooth and responsive cornering, due to some parts for a relatively long wheelbase (103.1 inches), and lower engine placement, possibly because the position of the four-cylinder horizontally opposed. This will lower the center of gravity and improve the balance, contributing to agile cornering. Moreover, the stock Impreza WRX quick steering rack, with 2.8 turns out-to-lock key, and a tight turning circle of 34.8 meters. You can certainly feel it, and good. This sporty.

0911_09_z%252B2010_subaru_impreza_wRX_sTI_special_edition%252BengineOut on the highway, there are a lot of speed from 170-horsepower engine, with 170 foot-pounds of torque at 4400 rpm, to put the oomph behind the acceleration. We did not find a flat spot in power or those places lacking. Standard five-speed manual gearbox works well. The optional four-speed automatic works fine machines, including when you need to hammer the throttle to pass a truck in the fast lane two.

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2011 Subaru Trezia Compact City Car

2011-subaru-trezia-city-car-front2011 Subaru Trezia is the first compact city car from Subaru. This city car offers fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. Trezia will make its debut at the 81st Geneva International Motor Show later. 2011 Trezia is a rebadged Toyota Verso S.

2011-subaru-trezia-city-car-backIn European markets, 2011 Subaru Trezia will be offered with two different power units. That 1.3-liter gasoline engine and diesel engine 1.4-liter turbo. Subaru Trezia have lower emissions, 113 g / km CO2 emissions.

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2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C

2011-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-spec-c-grey2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C is now faster, lighter and more agile than before. Facelift of Subaru Impreza WRX was first debut in the 2010 New York Auto Show. This car is ready to challenge you.

2011-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-spec-c-interiorWeight Loss consists of the hood that is lighter, smaller batteries. then with use 18 “Superlight alloy wheels wrapped with Bridgestone Potenza RE070 high-performance tires in 245/40 R18. Creating a more sporty appearance.

2011-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-spec-c-dashboardImproved performance features that re-map the ECU and a new ball-bearings for the twin-scroll turbocharger. The total power generated from the machine 2.0 liter horizontally opposed 4-cylinder is the 308PS (227 kW) and 430Nm (317 lb-ft) . 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C has a rear differential mechanical limited-slip from the previous Torsen type and has a front casing strengthened with a new cross member.


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