Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 BMW i3 Concept at Frankfurt Auto Show

bmw-i3-concept-turing-frontIn Frankfurt, BMW out the big guns with two concepts employing power in large parts of carbon. The BMW i3 comes in the form of a minispace to complement the duo’s big brother cut i8.Everyone now knows, the big offensive in the automotive market for electric cars segment. BMW is no exception and has every intention to attack, in terms of sportiness with its cut i8, but also mobility with i3.

bmw-i3-concept-turing-backThis is an answer for those seeking an electric vehicle adapted to everyday needs for use primarily urban. Practice, designed to provide optimum efficiency, the i3 brand with style BMW’s entry into the electric era. Unlike many vehicles, the BMW i3 is not the result of the conversion of a vehicle, but rather a creation of its own. A process that has to rethink the organization of elements on board the car to an enhanced livability.

Stylistically, the i3 concept is strongly oriented towards the car of tomorrow. With its large windows to let in light, its doors for easy access antagonists. He tries to charm the public. Add to that a load volume of more than 200 liters, and you get a vehicle that should convince many. To counter the weight gain induced by the arrival of the batteries and all the artillery necessary to the effectiveness of electric vehicles, BMW has opted for building materials that provide both lightness and strength without adversely affecting the behavior road.

bmw-i3-concept-frontThe architecture of the car, called the LifeDrive, combines two modules. Drive module includes the frame, the energy accumulator, the drive system and active functions in a collision. All in a structure consisting essentially of aluminum. Life module for its part is an interior light and resistant reinforced, not surprisingly, by carbon fibers. Its light weight helps to preserve the autonomy of the car while improving performance.


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Saturday, July 30, 2011

2011 BMW i8 Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show

bmw-i8-concept-front-sideBMW has launched BMW i8 Concept will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, a sporty plug-in hybrid electric motors and combustion engines after the Vision EfficientDynamics concept.

bmw-i8-concept-frontThe Concept i8, very close to the concept Vision EfficientDynamics is a 2 +2 coupe which receives the electric motor of the i3 concept on its front axle and 1.5 three-cylinder block internal combustion high performance of 164 kW – 223 hp or – a torque of 300 Nm on the rear axle.

bmw-i8-concept-back-sideBoth engines are connected by a “Keel energy” housing a battery high voltage but with fewer battery cells than the i3, which is all electric. Physically, the BMW i8 Concept features a low profile, large glazed areas and doors elytra. The cabin, which is heavily loaded with technology, is hosting a large information screen and a screen acting as the instrument cluster.

bmw-i8-conceptThis combination allows thermal-electric 2 +2 to cover the zero to 100 km / h in under 5 seconds to reach 250 km / h, and not to consume more than 3 in the European driving cycle. The sports coupe can, thanks to its lithium-ion battery into an electrical outlet in 2 hours, 35 km to go all electric, even if there are plans for a mixed operation.

bmw-i8-concept-sideScreens that allow the driver to enjoy this i8 concept of intelligent mobility services – parking assistant, assistant traffic congestion, intelligent navigation in large cities and share premium car “Drive Now” – that BMW has to offer. To develop these new services, make the propeller also invests in young start-ups through its structure i BMW Ventures.

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Modification of Mercedes-Benz E-Class by Brabus

Modification of Mercedes-Benz E-Class by Brabus Front ViewHome modifications Germany, featuring spectacular Brabus Mercedes-Benz E-Class which they claim as the fastest four seat convertible in the world and "gahar" as it gets "800" touch. And these figures do not only identify changes but also about the power of 800 HP engines.

Thanks to the great powers to the experience of the engineers in developing the Brabus V12 engine from Mercedes-Benz S600 is modified in all parts of the maximum, starting from a special crankshaft, pistons made ​​larger cylinder bore and cylinder heads improved to optimize the mix of sport camshafts. Plus, Biturbo system that has 4 air-to-water intercooler that is expressed by the turbocharged.

Modification of Mercedes-Benz E-Class by Brabus Back Side View
With major changes, the original engine capacity rose 5.5 liters to 6.3 liters. In addition to 800 HP power, maximum torque 1420 Nm, but is electronically limited to 1100 Nm in order to have a durable power.

Maximum speed 5-speed automatic transmission car is estimated at 400 miles per hour. But, especially for kabriolet limited to 370 miles per hour. When accelerate from 0-100 kilometers per hour is achieved in 3.7 seconds, while 0-200 kph takes 9.9 seconds and 300 miles per hour 23.9 seconds.

To offset the major forces, Brabus also perfected the feet. As recalibrated suspension with adjustable dampers. Included also replace brake systems that have high performance.

The width of the car body is made more definite by using a fiber material karbon.The goal, besides getting a lighter weight, aerodynamic factors that change can be obtained and tested in a wind tunnel. Because of the wide body, four wheels can wear tires rims wrapped in size 265/30 ZR 9.5Jx19 (front), behind 10-inch rims with 295/30 ZR tires.
Modification of Mercedes-Benz E-Class by Brabus

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Friday, July 29, 2011

2012 Renault Captur Concept

2012-Renault-Captur-Concept-Front-viewRenault Captur the concept. The chassis is made? Of carbon fiber?, And the power of this car comes from the concept of Energy DCI 160 Renault engine twin-turbo diesel, the French automaker said to produce 160 horsepower from 1.6 liters and is connected to a dual clutch gearbox, EDC. RX2 Renault differential, mechanical self-locking unit, mounted to catch the front-wheel-drive to transfer more power to the wheel with most grip. Also comes with a catch Renault Visio System, front-facing camera that monitors road conditions to provide driver assistance functions. Renault arrest can accommodate up to four people, with two full size rear seats can be folded out of the interior side panels.


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Saturday, July 23, 2011

2012 Toyota Camry

2012-toyota-camry-front-view2012 Toyota Camry is a family car marked the first production in 1983 and until now successful in the market. The new 2012 Toyota Camry will now appear with a fresh new design compared with previous series and ready to compete with competitors. 4-door sedan with a spacious interior that presents and has additional features as well as more efficient engines. Leather Metallic 2012 Toyota Camry with four cylinder engine volume 2.7 liters to generate 169 hp. Or with 3.5 liters to generate 268 hp power. The right choice and you must choose 2 machines or expect engined Toyota Camry Hybrid. Other options are also offered with a 6-speed automatic or manual transmission with 6 speeds.

2012-toyota-camry-hybrid-conceptStandard features will be pinned on 2012 Toyota Camry in accordance with the level. As usual on the dashboard will be equipped with navigation systems as control with touch screen plus if you want a control with sound. Entertainment using a USB connection that can be connected with IPOD and music player other. Seat driver will be installed controls to adjust the desire and rear seat with split control. In addition, for those of you who want more features to add options like a sunroof or leather seats are heated driver’s seat.


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2011 Toyota Highlander

2011-toyota-highlander-side-viewToyota Highlander 2011 is not the car but the American crossover SUV. Toyota Highlander 2011 with a chrome grille covered with 4 layers and embossment Toyota seems there is a great guy. Toyota Highlander 2011 with great lights and planted deep into the ring cap proudly displays the 19-inch aluminum wheels. In mid-2011 many things happened with this car, a lot of competition faced. For passenger comfort we recommend this car withs SUV utility.

2011-toyota-highlander-dashboardBraking systems Toyota Highlander 2011 comes with Anti lock Brake System , the solid disc brakes and Electronic Brake-force plus Distribution (EBD), for braking is much more grip. Features of the Highlander one car projector-beam headlamps with auto on / off feature. In the interior are not a lot of changes were made as on the outside. Interior standard just as usual but you try to touch dashboard, you will definitely feel a gentle touch. Side entertainment for the riders are given the standard AM / FM CD player with MP3/WMA playback capability with the six speakers to make the rider comfortable in traveling. More again Toyota Highlander 2011 with the a USB port with iPod connectivity even easier.

Mechanical and Performance at the 2011 Toyota Highlander gasoline engine using a standard 2.7-liter Double Overhead Cam (DOHC) 16-Valve 4-Cylinder with Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i). With this machine can produce 187 hp power until 5800 rpm spin. This car has the Ultra Low Emission Vehicle II (ULEV-II) emissions rating, which means that this car is environmentally friendly.

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2012 Toyota FT-86 II Concept

2012_Toyota_FT-86_II_Concept-front-viewToyota Australia has confirmed it will market the production version of Toyota's FT-86 Concept II 2012 and the target began to be circulated on the continent Kangaroo next year. And delivery period will begin no sooner in the range of late 2012 or early 2013. Toyota FT-86 Concept II model 2012 sport coupe that was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in early March, will also be very good on the Toyota stand at the Australian International Motor Show 2011 to be held in Melbourne in early July. This model is a complete design concept developed jointly by Toyota and Subaru or Fuji Heavy Industries since August 2009. Toyota FT-86 Concept II 2012 performances in Australia and preparation for the launch of the final production version, are showing great interest will lead from Toyota enthusiasts as well as improve the image of Toyota in Australia.

2012_Toyota_FT-86_II_Concept-back-view2012 Toyota FT-86 II Concept shows the reference to the classic sports models like the 2000 GT Toyota and Toyota continues its tradition in giving birth to the modern and iconic sports cars such as Supra, MR2 and others. With handling and performance characteristics are presented to better meet the desires of sporty driving.

Toyota FT-86 II Concept 2012 model engine powered concoction with Toyota and Subaru. Subaru hallmark can be seen clearly with the boxer engine is located in front. Production version will also be using the same machine and equipment combined with 6 speed manual transmission.

2012_Toyota_FT-86_II_Concept-side-viewThe advantage of this sports car was also highlighted via the light weight and aerodynamic attributes developed based on Formula 1 technology. If you later have begun circulating in the Australian market, it will be a competitor for other sport models from Japan that is the Nissan 370Z, but the estimated price Toyota FT-86 II Concept 2012 will be more affordable than the nearest competitor’s candidate.

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2011 Toyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II Convertible

2011-Toyota-GRMN-Sport-Hybrid-Concept-II-Hot-CarToyota Motor Co., reportedly plans to release a production version of the second hybrid sports concept model called Hybrid Sports Concept GRMN Conversion II. To complete the plan, Toyota will refine the concept model that was introduced at the Tokyo Auto Salon last year and will unveil a new look in the event the Nurburgring 24 hour endurance race, in Germany this weekend. Toyota parts to be upgraded in this model is more for the appearance of the exterior and some changes to the engine. Driving force model is still the same as the concept model shown at the TAS (Tokyo Auto Salon) 2010 that uses a V6 engine that will drive the rear wheels loans combined electric motor from the Lexus RX450 to drive the front wheels.

2011-Toyota-GRMN-Sport-Hybrid-Concept-II-Hot-Car-Back-ViewThe machine that is implemented for it is 3500 cc engine which is the development of the old V6 engine that carried its concept model. It was used machines with a capacity of 3300 cc. Strength was greater, from 208 hp to 246 hp, while when combined with electric motors, the revised model has a power Toyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II 295 dk. Its weight was lighter than the model concept. Toyota reveals that the revised model will be produced later will weigh 1,500 kg, or 200 kg lighter than the model concept.

Major changes will occur in exterior Toyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II open roof, especially in terms of styling. Toyota MR2 will refer to the display, which also uses its platform. Toyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II muzzle will further highlight the shark with the headlamp shape a more widened the distance from each other. Will also be revised front bumper design with a more aggressive lip spoiler.

2011-Toyota-GRMN-Sport-Hybrid-Concept-II-Hot-Car-Side-ViewToyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II that has a length of 4350 millimeters (mm), width 1890 mm, and height 1,200 mm. Compared to a sports car Honda CR-Z hybrid, Toyota convertible car was longer 270 mm, width 195 mm and 150 mm lower.

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2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Spy

2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Spy Not due for significant upgrades Hyundai Genesis has just been released in the year 2010 yesterday. Hyundai running on modern roads. To be the best so we do not have to remain silent and that what is by changing the 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe facelift. War horse power of the spirit to change the 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe with great energy and facelift.
Not necessarily clear because Hyundai has not been confirmed, 4-cylinder and V-6 engines will be upgraded. According to rumors 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe will be supported by a 5.0-liter V8 engine that produces 429 horsepower will. And reportedly later Genesis Coupe will use 8-speed automatic transmission torque-converter. But other possibilities Genesis Coupe uses a more powerful V6 engine with four-wheel drive. Seeing this snow test coupe sports car will be packed with 4 wheels. Obviously very serious in this segment Hyundai.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011 Ford Mad Max Concept

201 Ford Mad Max ConceptHere are some of the latest information on, Mad Max Concept Ford 2011 Ford 2011 ford mad max Mad max mad mad Max Concept 2011 Ford 2011 Ford max concept of Mad Max (2011) 2011 ford concept max mad max mad max mad max mad specs ford 2011 ford.

201 Ford Mad Max ConceptThe new Ford Mad Max Concept specially designed by Ford’s designers for TopGear Magazine Australia to assist celebrate the revival of the Mad Max action movie genre. 2011 Ford Mad Max Concept Exterior style with titanium-lined body shell.

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2011 Hamann BMW 6 Cabrio F12 Sporty and Elegant Car

Hamann-BMW-6-Cabrio-F12-Front-SideHamann presents individualisations sporty to BMW 6 Cabrio (F12), Hamann Motorsport is known to provide a new top-of-the-range car vast improvement shortly after they have been introduced to the market. And, true to form, tuning specialist from Laupheim city in Baden-W├╝rttemberg can now present a comprehensive range of individualization for the BMW 6 Cabrio (F12).


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Friday, July 1, 2011

2011 Mazda 3

2011-Mazda-3-Front-Top-View-Picture2011 Mazda 3 luxury car - the Mazda 3 is a sedan that has a luxurious interior that comes with the first SKYACTIV technology application with a new transmission for North America, Mazda 3 hatchback is available with five doors and engine-powered SKYACTIV-G-2.0-liter gasoline with a compression ratio 12.0:1 high so as to produce 155 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 148 lb-ft of torque at 4,100 rpm, Review Mazda 3 you can see here along with Images, Prices Mazda 3 is $ 23,006. Prices can change according to the specifications and the state, this car has a Drive six-speed automatic and six-speed manual transmission.

2011-Mazda-3-Cabin-View-PictureReview Mazda 3, In 2011 the car gets a new design and sporty features, exterior design has also been redesigned to look more sharp and bold, new interior features additional security complete the package. responsive handling and a comfortable cabin space that can create additional functionality without sacrificing touch-and-feel quality. Mazda 3 MZR 2.0-liter can consume has EPA fuel economy rating of 25 city/33.

Performance Mazda 3 hatchback with increasingly impressive driving range with more than 500 miles of driving on a tank the same size as the sedan that will make you more comfortable and safer to drive, all Mazda 3 and MAZDASPEED3 models will continue to be equipped with a high level of standard safety features. with features of the new Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) system.

If you want to buy this car you can buy it at an authorized dealer of Mazda 3, you can choose the color matches the color of your taste, you’ll also get a warranty for the purchase of the Mazda 3, you can also see some Pictures Mazda 3 here with a few options.


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2012 Renault Koleos

2012-Renault-Koleos-Front-View-PhotoNow Renault Koleos is equipped with diesel engines and engine M9R (TR25) 170hp petrol and can be ordered with 150hp or 175hp versions of all machines have the dynamic performance and reliable, if you want to have this car you can see Renault Koleos Review and Images here, car it has measures 4.52m long and 1.85m wide, Koleos price £ 16,775 price can change in accordance with specifications, accessories and country. interior is made with the level of security and comfort of high quality.

2012-Renault-Koleos-Front-Side-View-PhotoReview Renault Koleos, In 2012 this car comes with a new revision of the previous generation, Renault Koleos The front end made ​​shorter to reaffirm strong character. Renault on the previous generation has created an elegant chrome grille, the model has been strengthened, the lamp door is made sleeker and more modern by incorporating LED indicators, so that makes this car look elegant and sporty.

2012-Renault-Koleos-Rear-View-PhotoThe new revisions to the exterior on the Renault Koleos is made more prominent wheel arches with modern technology, sporty wheels. so you can easier to drive, on the back made ​​styling including rear window that can show the movement forward New Renault Koleos will be available in the new Cayenne Orange body color. You can see some Pictures Renault Koleos here with some models and color options.


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