Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 Honda Jazz Hybrid Car

Honda-Jazz-Hybrid-20111Hybrid Car Review of Honda Jazz Release 2011 car in your mind can be attributed to Toyota and Lexus cars. Honda Hybrid Rewing High has a VTEC engine, so that high torque engine can sync speed.Nothing gasoline engine at a new high with the launch of the Honda Jazz facelifted model.

Honda-Jazz-Hybrid-EngineHonda Hybrid fourth of corporate spending on display with the Jazz model electricity.Honda weakened slightly in decline in hybrid sales, but this is the latest release of the Honda Jazz Hybrid itself.


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2011 Honda Brio Hatcback

Honda-Brio-HatcbackHonda will come in July and August production of Honda SIEL has contributed to the lack of supply auto parts.Honda SIEL produce in large part to deficiencies in India.This also means that the component suppliers in Japan could finally climbed out of the Earthquake and Tsunami crisis has led to the operation of Them . Honda's India as well, which greatly depends on the part of Japan will now be able to increase production and provide enough cars to customers.


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2012 BMW 6 Series Convertible

2012-BMW-6-Series-Convertible-Side-View-22012 BMW 6 Series Convertible Concept With news about the BMW that now has released a new car with a BMW 6 series. and exhibition event in Cape Town, South Africa, In 2012 BMW has designed a car of the future a more sophisticated and more classy. BMW 6 series is in the design of a car, 6 series, created and designed with modern technology. The car that I will discuss is about 2012 BMW 6 Series Convertible, BMW has a very modern and artistic design.

2012-BMW-6-Series-Convertible-Interior-View2012 New BMW Series-6 With Concept Convertible, Elegant design is very visible in the view of this car. Because the grille of the BMW 6 series convertible is very classy so for the next design of this car in other parts of the body which also has an elegant impression because it was from the first glance this car seems so elegant. Headlights and bumpers also supports this new BMW car to add prestige and power that emanated from the design and form of a convertible car. The luxurious ambience of the interior is highlighted by the driver-oriented cockpit set-up and wraps the front passenger and rear passengers in a feeling of exclusive security.


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2011 BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Black Limited Edition

2011-BMW-Frozen-Black-Edition-M3-Coupe-Front-View2011 BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Black Limited Edition Only 20 To Be, BMW news about this time was very surprised by the low production of Frozen Black Edition BMW car, at least in the show in 2011 in the United States. This is a very worrying fact this car is very luxurious and elegant, with the availability of exotic paint color based on individual programs tailored to the needs of BMW Frozen and impression contrast stitching looks very unique look red from the BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Black Edition.

2011-BMW-Frozen-Black-Edition-M3-Coupe-Front-Angle-22011 BMW Frozen Black Edition M3 Coupe Limited Only 20 To Be will be powered by the award-winning 4.0-liter, 414-horsepower M V8 engine, equipped with BMW’s M Double Clutch Transmission (M DCT) which lowers the 0-60mph acceleration time of the M3 to 4.5 seconds from 4.7. Redline is a breathtaking 8,400 rpm. And Prices for the 2011 BMW Frozen Black Edition M3 Coupe start at $79,650 (excluding a $875 Destination & Handling and excluding $1,300 federal gas guzzler tax). BMW M enthusiasts can call to reserve the first nineteen 2011 Frozen Black Edition M3 Coupes by dialing 1-800-245-4269 no earlier than 11:30AM Eastern Time on Thursday, June 16, 2011. The twentieth car will be held by BMW of North America and may be sold at a later date.


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2012 BMW M5

2012-BMW-M5-Series-Front-ViewRelease Series 2012 BMW M5, BMW has given us the full press release gives more insight into the monster four-door, now the fifth generation. BMW M5 with more amazing though is that despite the potential for enormous power, he sipped das Benzin. How 9.9-litres/100km combined voice? That's incredible figure when you consider that the power is up by 10 percent, torque by 30 percent but the same, fuel consumption has fallen by 30 percent. Now, There is no doubt that the 2012 BMW 5-Series has been a major success for the German car manufacturers, however, BMW is now back with a high performance version of the Series 5 - The new 2012 BMW M5. 2012 BMW M5 is a high performance sports car outstanding dynamic potential is directed precisely to the demands the use of the song but who also set a new benchmark in everyday driving with a tour of supreme comfort and innovative features of the equipment.

2012-BMW-M5-Series-Rear-ViewThe New 2012 BMW M5 will be powered by a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 producing 412kW and a whopping 680Nm from a super low 1500rpm. Peak power is made between 6-7000rpm meaning the powerband is ridiculously wide. Judging by our drive in the current X5M, this engine will be super flexible. Of course, helping this flexibility is its weight. Considerably lighter than the X5M, the new M5 is still a big beast, tipping the scales at 1870kg. Still, it’ll launch and get to 100km/h from a standstill in just 4.4 seconds. Top speed is a limited 250km/h, but with an optional M Driver’s Package, that is lifted to 305km/h and a must for the autobahn drivers.


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Monday, June 13, 2011

Alfa Romeo Giulietta G430 iMove Maragoni

Alfa-Romeo-Giulietta-G430-iMove-Maragoni-Front-SideAlfa Romeo Giulietta tuner also does not lack attention, the last service for him is the version of iMove Maragoni G430, which will be presented at the Motor Show in Bologna, in the period December 4 to 12 this year.

Alfa-Romeo-Giulietta-G430-iMove-Maragoni-RearA characteristic feature Alfa Romeo Giulietta iMove Maragoni G430 steel tire from Maragoni (size 235/35 R19), painted in acid green with the addition of a fluorescent pigment.

Alfa-Romeo-Giulietta-G430-iMove-Maragoni-InteriorThe machine is also not left out, the serial version, capable of 235 hp to 286 hp overclocked, thanks to the emergence of the catalyst, the new turbine and exhaust system Ragazzon stainless steel.

Alfa-Romeo-Giulietta-G430-iMove-Maragoni-SideIn addition, new suspension from KW, Giulietta approach road to 4.0 mm, body painted in matte dark gray, the exterior is filled with new bumpers and sports rafting along with a rear spoiler. The interior receives a new execution, including leather and Alcantara trim carbon fiber.

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2012 Alfa Romeo Introduced the 159 Super and Elegant Car

alfa-romeo-159-super-front-sideThis week is the release version of the Super-model Alfa Romeo MiTo, and now it is the turn version 159. Externally, the Alfa Romeo 159 Super features unique side mirrors, alloy 17-inch wheels..

alfa-romeo-159-super-interior-photoThe driver and passengers can enjoy a navigation system with maps of European countries, the system Blue & Me, with the ability to connect Bluetooth, and a multifunctional steering wheel in leather braided carbon fiber dash trim, etc.

alfa-romeo-159-super-dashboardWith regard to the cost of the car, it starts from 23,700 euros for the sedan and 24,900 euros per wagon. Both versions are driven by a 2.0-liter JTDM, capacity of 136 hp

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2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo MY2011: Geneva Motor Show

2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo MY2011It is increasingly clear that today is the day for the Fiat Group models. After multiple updates itself Lancia and Fiat, Alfa Romeo is now that we know your models for the Geneva Motor Show. Among which we consider should be noted the new MiTo's 2011 range.

While not really a facelift or a restyling, the range of multipurpose get a few touches to make it more attractive. Thus, new ringtones for your body, add top-quality materials in the cabin and distinct decor. Another shock absorbers have been revised and By-Pass valve with variable response in the more powerful engines. In the case of QV versions, new seats and alloy wheels 18 inch options.

I will continue as before the engines, with a full and well structured:

* 78 hp 1.4i
* MultiAir 1.4i 105 hp
* Fine 1.4i Turbo 135 hp
* 1.4i Turbo 135 hp MultiAir TCT
* MultiAir 1.4i Turbo 170 hp
* 1.3 MJT 95 hp
* 1.6 MJT 120 hp

The models exhibited at the show will be the Fine 1.4i Turbo with dual-clutch sequential gearbox TCT, and QV MiTo 170 hp.

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Pocket Ferrari: Alfa Romeo 4C Concept Live Photos Geneva Motor Show 2011

Alfa-Romeo-4C-Concept-LiveCompact, size 4C: He is about four feet in length and wheelbase of 2.4 meters. Fall short overhangs front and from behind. Light suppressed by Alfa Romeo, weight 850 pounds. Most of the body is made of carbon. Structure frame and rear crash structure is made of aluminum.

Alfa-Romeo-4C-Concept-Live-2012-car-2Concepts 4C is equipped with the famous Giulietta models 159 and 1.8-liter four-cylinder turbo. 200 hp is a concept-car is available. Serious performance production models are then defined with less than four pounds per hp. It is appropriate at first sight is not quite certain weight. Solution: Alfa Romeo advised to request that direct injection of 4C as the Giulietta series of 235 will make more than 200 hp. Even for studies to provide the performance of Italy's interesting: In less than five seconds it will go from zero to 100 km / hour. The highest speed is 250 km / h

Alfa-Romeo-4C-Concept-Live-2012-car-4Automatic Transmission
Power is transmitted via the automatic transmission Alfa TCT "with double clutch. With the familiar from other Alfa models," DNA "system can be selected from a variety of driving dynamics programs. For agile handling, suspension with front suspension and rear multi-link suspension McPherson provided. The weight is distributed so that the concept of 4C 40 percent front and 60 percent rear weight.

Alfa-Romeo-4C-Concept-Live-2012-car-3How much does it cost?
Now the only question: How 4C, when he came into production in 2012 as planned? Alfa calls at very affordable price: around 45,000 euros. This will be the 4C € 8,000 more expensive than the Lotus Elise. But he has about 100 less hp. Of more on the level of performance Alpha Lotus Evora 280-hp and 15,000 € more expensiv.


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Roadster version of the Alfa Romeo 4C will Abarth

Alfa Romeo 4C will AbarthNo doubt the impression stealing models in Geneva this year is Alfa Romeo 4C concept that will go into production in 2012. The Autonews but said that Fiat would not stay on only one issue and so is already in the pipeline and the Abarth version. What could this mean that the roadster version of simatakia 4C will change and will be sold under the brand name Abarth (so maybe verify rumors).

To remind you that the Alfa Romeo 4C concept is two-seat sports coupe with four-cylinder engine turbo 1750 MultiAir TBI is mounted in the center and the movement is transmitted to the rear axle through a double clutch automatic gearbox TCT. It is made ​​of carbon and aluminum, weighs 850 pounds and provides 200 horses. 0-100 km / h makes it less than 5 seconds. Its length is 4 meters and a wheelbase of 2.4 meters touch. It has a ratio of 4 pounds per horse and wear sophisticated suspension with MacPherson struts in front and rear weight ratio of the front 40% and 60% return.

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2012 Alfa Romeo MiTo: Technical Update

2012 Alfa Romeo MiTo: Technical Update frontThe most desirable urban chic Alfa Romeo Mito is a great success for clover but suffer from defects that are known and recognized, the suspension is either too hard and too soft after the coating, which is damaging both roadholding and comfort. Alfa Romeo aware of problems because manufacturers have made changes, but not convincing.

2012 Alfa Romeo MiTo: Technical Update SideAlfa back once again to fill, Harald Wester, the new boss Alfa Romeo, Abarth and Maserati, admitted even want to touch the city. Mito thus receive two valves and dampers inspired by his older brother Giulietta great for running gear and suspension settings famous.

As for management, it is simply an update of the software, all the rest of the electricity and therefore technically subject to an artificial sense of touch gone. Revised version of the Mito has been marketed since March 1.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

2011 G-Power BMW M3 GTS

2011-G-Power-BMW-M3-GTS-Front-SideA version of the famous and globally proven M3 G-POWER system "Sporty Drive" supercharger, designed specifically for the BMW M3 GTS improve the quality of output from 450 hp to 635 hp and 630 Nm of torque. Works by former reinforced engine block of the BMW M3 GTS on the side of a solid crankshaft and con rod reinforced the idea to increase the output of most of the 600 HP (M3 standard) to 635 HP (M3 GTS).

2011-G-Power-BMW-M3-GTS-Rear-AngleOn the exhaust aspect, a lightweight, all titanium exhaust system was created by the G-POWER provides mandatory reductions in exhaust back pressure. Discard, developed specifically to meet the needs of the supercharger system II SK, provided with one hundred CPSI metal catalytic converter. Management software engines unit, which controls the settings for the V8, is conjointly developed by G-POWER BMW M3 GTS.


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2011 Honda Civic

2011-Honda-Civic-Front-Angle-PhotosHonda recently announced that it will be ending sales of the Civic Type R due to forthcoming Euro V emissions regulations. The Japanese automaker has just released the updated 2011 Civic for the UK, which takes some design cues from the outgoing Type R model to keep fans satisfied.

2011-Honda-Civic-Front-Side-PhotosThe 2011 UK Civic gets a new front grille, 16-in alloy wheels, color-coded sideskirts and more. The 2011 Honda Civic will be available with a 1.4L engine in SE and Si trim as well as a 1.8L unit in the ES trim level.

2011-Honda-Civic-Wheels-Rims-WhelsOn the inside the SE and ES trim gets half fabric and luxurious Alcantara, while Si is now half leather and Alcantara with heated front seats

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2011 Project Kahn Range Rover Black Vogue

2011-Project-Kahn-Range-Rover-Black-Vogue-Front-AngleThe Project Kahn vary Rover Black Vogue comes with a powerful aerodynamic pack consisting of a front and back bumper, side vents, billet end facet skirts, sports exhaust system beside Kahn branding. Inside is that the new “bespoke touch” with an entire new personalised leather treatment to suit the customer’s own specifications.

2011-Project-Kahn-Range-Rover-Black-Vogue-FrontEvolved through skilled inventive innovation and state-of-the art producing and materials technology – Project Kahn 22-inch RS600 wheels in matt black. Furthermore, the RS600 wheels accommodate all original Land Rover centre caps.


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